Delaware’s largest processor of scrap metal

Diamond State Recycling in Wilmington, Delaware, offers highly competitive rates for ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals, including: iron •  steel • stainless steel • copper • brass • lead • aluminum • aluminum cans • lead acid batteries

Trailer service and containers are also available for industrial accounts.

Scott Sherr:
Buyer and Guide

Headed by Scott Sherr, DSR is not only a buyer, but a guide for large producers of scrap, too – in construction, dismantling, research and manufacturing industries. If your company or agency is producing a large volume of scrap annually, we can advise you on how to prepare and separate your scrap materials to reap the best returns.  We are proud to service private and government / municipal entities to ensure that scrap metals get reused, not wasted.

Giving you the highest price possible

Prices change daily, in some cases, hourly. Metals are commodities affected by market events worldwide. We promise to give you the highest price we possibly can, given market circumstances and the volume, type and grade of your scrap metals, which we’ll assess in person once you arrive at our scrap yard.


How to sell us material

All materials must be driven in to our completely paved Wilmington scrap yard, and sellers must be prepared to show a driver’s license, per state law. Sorry, no walk-ins or shopping carts accepted. Truckloads are weighed on our regulated, high-tech, digital scale.

For your safety and ours, our scrap yard is under 24-hour camera surveillance. Theft raises the cost of doing business and puts integrity into question. Please, do not bring us stolen materials.

To partner on RFPs or handle large-scale projects involving scrap metals, please call Scott Sherr at 302-655-1501.